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2023 Goat Reservations-Goat Care 101- Basic Goat Care


We are now taking reservations for our 2023 kidding season. Kids will born April through July. The deposit also includes a class at the farm. The class will be held in April (date to be determined). If you want to reserve a goat from Barking Goat Farm the classes are $50 and you will pay the remaining $350 when you pick up your goat. If you already have purchased goats from another farm but still want to learn about goats the classes are $75.

We want to share our knowledge and experience with you as you bring your baby goat home. Here is what you will learn in each class.

Spring Class

-What to expect
-Hoof trimming
-Vaccines and shots
-Minerals and Supplements

Remember goats are pack animals and they need a goat friend. You should never have just one goat. It will get bored and get into trouble! All our kids will be well socialized, you will be bringing a very friendly goat to begin with. We test our herd on regualar basis so your kid is coming from a clean herd. This means he/she is free of CL, CAE, and Johnes Disease. Your new baby will be up to date on his/her shots (BoSE, CDT, and copper). They will also be on a cocci prevention program (which you learn about in the class).

We hope to start kidding Mid April with Nubians and finish in July with Nigerian Dwarfs. I usually retain a doe or two and reserve the right to retain any doe I wish. We have no idea how many kids we will have but hope to be able to accommodate all who take the class. You will be able to pick your goat in the order you sign up for the class.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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