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Why Put Goat’s Milk in My Skin Care Products?

Goats are amazing! They are cute, cuddly, and have the best personalities.

One goat can milk a gallon of milk a day and 5 goats…..well that’s a lot of milk. When I first started raising dairy goats, I just loved the peaceful moments of me and goats. But I was putting in a whole lot of work and getting a whole lot of milk that I didn’t know what to do with. So, I went to Google to see what I could do with all that goat milk.

Google told me I needed to make goat milk soap. I never really put much thought into the soap I was using on my skin. I have average skin and thought all soap was created equal. Brian and Brady however had sensitive skin. They were using steroid creams and lotions to help with their skin conditions. The goat milk soap worked it wonders on my skin as well as Brian’s and my baby’s skin. The goat milk soap seemed to be very nourishing to all our different skin types.

So, what is in goat Milk that makes it so magical?

Goat Milk is known for its high-fat content, and this makes it a great moisturizer. Many soaps leave your skin feeling dried out, but goat milk soap puts the moisture right back in!

Lactic Acid.
High in lactic acid, Goat Milk makes a great natural exfoliator. When you exfoliate your skin, you are essentially removing the dead skin cells to expose new healthy skin. Lactic acid breaks the bond of the dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and clean.

Vitamin A.
Packed with Vitamin A, goat milk has been known to improve your overall skin health. Vitamin A is beneficial to skin especially when it has been overexposed to the sun. Many people believe that Vitamin A helps to heal the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.